sharing my 2019 homecoming steals.

When I say I’ve learned so much from other bloggers, I’m really telling you the truth. I started my blog (and going to YoungLife!) because of Faith, and I’ve found so many of my dance dresses because of McKenzie. Seriously—getting inspiration from some of my favorite bloggers has been a HUGE part of this process.

After reading a blog post by McKenzie, I found my favorite site to buy dance dresses off of. I got this black polka-dot dress ($19) from SHEIN and it came even sooner than expected. The best thing is, I only paid $3 for shipping. I’ve now bought 3 dresses from SHEIN; I wore my others to the Emmys and prom and not a single dress has disappointed me yet. It was super cute, comfortable and was backless so it didn’t get too hot while dancing. If your homecoming is anything like mine—does a dark, sweltering hot school gym sound familiar?—then this dress is for you.

One of the biggest high school heart-breaks for me has to be the fact that I’ve never been able to wear earrings. It sounds dramatic (yes), but I swear, you would not BELIEVE how many insanely cute sets of earrings I have passed up over the years. I’ve always been allergic to the metals, so when Renee pulled these magnetic earrings ($2.88) off of the shelf, I flipped out. They stayed on the ENTIRE dance (except for when I figured out that if they were attracted to another metal—aka someone else’s earrings while hugging—they’d fall off). The best part? You can’t even feel them.

In regards to shoes, I bought them from Famous Footwear ages ago. Nothing too special there. Luckily, I’d been standing in 3″ choir heels for the past week, so these seemed like a dream. 11/10 would recommend.

That’s just about it for homecoming! The dance was great, and I’m super happy I ended up going my senior year (especially after skipping out on last year). Until next time!

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