learning to flying solo

photo courtesy of the newseum

In many ways, I feel like life has begun to involve me flying solo a bit. This week, I’m quite literally flying solo, for potentially one of the best reasons ever. Sidenote– to those of you who care enough about me to be catching up on my summer adventures, thank you. I appreciate you.

I’m headed to Washington, D.C., for the Al Neuharth Free Spirit and Journalism Conference. I actually found this program while I was scouring the internet for pretty much anything journalism related I could find. I wanted to do tons of summer programs, so I found this program that is not only all-expenses-paid, but provides a scholarship as well. With a quick application deadline and only one student selected per state, I worked long and hard on that application; I’m incredibly grateful to say that it paid off.

This week, I fly into Washington, by myself, all the way from Phoenix. I’m going to be rooming in a hotel with a complete stranger from another state, and to be honest, I can’t wait to learn who. I’ve actually done this once before when I went to New York with Channel Kindness, and it was a wildly fun experience. My roomie and I only got to spend one night together, but it was crazy how much we both shared in that short amount of time. Due to the length of the conference, I’ll actually be spending six nights with my new roommate, so it’s safe to say we’ll get to know each other fairly well.

I received the itinerary earlier this week, and let’s just say that it’s jam-packed. I’ll be visiting veteran memorials (which I am particularly excited about), Capitol Hill, the White House, and tons of other monuments and must-see sites in the nation’s capital. I previously visited D.C. when I was back in elementary school, so it’s definitely been a while since my last visit… I think that it’ll be amazing to see the city with such a new perspective.

I can’t wait to visit the Newseum and learn from all of the incredible faculty there, as well as the incredible Neuharth family. Be sure to stay tuned on the blog and on my Instagram, as I will be sure to update you all throughout the trip and throughout my preparation process. Here’s to flying solo!

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