18 Under 18 & VHP Banquet!

Wow. Let me tell you all, it has been an absolute whirlwind of a second semester of junior year and I want to share every single bit of it. It’s been incredible and difficult and so many things have been changing. But I love it all at the same time. As the year comes to an end, I really wanted to share some of the standout moments from the end of this year.

Here I am with the President of Junior Achievement of Arizona!

One of the most exciting things that has happened in a while happened early this April; I was nominated by my AP Chemistry teacher as one of Arizona’s 18 Under 18, an awards ceremony and list held by Junior Achievement.

Myself and Pat McMahon on AZ Daily Mix

I am so incredibly honored to have received this award and be a part of a list of other amazing high school students who have done amazing things in order to make a change in their community. Past the amazing ceremony that was held for us, we had the crazy opportunity to do some media segments over the past couple of weeks, which I have linked below. This truly was the opportunity of a lifetime and I am loving getting to connect with my new Junior Achievement family through all sorts of events.

I had the chance to appear on two news segments so far! If you’d like to see my appearance on Sonoran Living, click here, and if you’d like to see my appearance on AZ Daily Mix, click here.

Past the JA ceremony, that same afternoon, I got to host the annual Veterans Heritage Project Ceremony! I have always hoped to one day be a host of this incredible ceremony, and finally, this year, it happened. Getting to share the brand new book has been incredible and it really is a huge passion of mine.

Seriously, Junior year has been a complete whirlwind so far and I am incredibly excited to keep you all updated with what happens in my life this summer. I’ve got some very exciting things planned so far and I will be sharing on my blog all summer. Be sure to subscribe to my email list and follow @andthenemma so you always know what is happening this summer! Until next time.

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