A Beginner’s Guide to an Interview

Alright, I’m no expert, but I wanted to share a few tips on how to completely nail an interview. College interviews, jobs, internships, you name it. Since 2019 started, I’ve done about 5 interviews, and I wanted to share some of my misconceptions and tips that I wish I would’ve known before doing an interview.

  • Look the Part. As much as I hate to say it, your appearance really is your first impression. If you enter an interview looking professional and well put-together, you’re already starting off on the right foot. On the other hand, if I were to enter an interview in my pajamas, that just would’ve be the best choice, especially since I’d be trying to impress a potential employer. Consider investing in a nice dress or pants and a blazer to help yourself look the part! One of my favorite places to shop is Tommy Hilfiger. It’s pricy, but definitely worth having a few staple pieces in your closet.
  • Have ALL of your Paperwork. Don’t forget your ID, Social Security Card, resume, and any other paperwork when you’re headed into the interview. If you end up getting the job on the spot, or need to show proof of residency, having these things on hand will help the process run smoothly.
  • Be Familiar with Where You’re Applying. Knowing about the company you’re applying for is more important than you think. If you’re able to relate your interview responses to the mission or motive of the company, it makes you look like you care more or are more knowledgeable than other candidates, right off the bat! It’s super simple and can go far!
  • Turn Your Cell Phone Off. This seems simple but is crazy important. Don’t embarrass yourself and have your phone be ringing like crazy while you’re trying to be professional.
  • Be Early. Early is on time, on time is late. Enough said. Also, if you’re going somewhere you’ve never been before, plan out the route!
  • Always Be Positive. As much as you might feel inclined, don’t talk negatively about old jobs or employers. This could reflect on you being an employee that might talk behind the back of employers, and you definitely don’t want that to be your first impression.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Moment to Think. During my first interview, I was asked a few “critical thinking” questions. I was almost scared to try and ask for a moment to think about my answer. Luckily, I asked if I could have a minute, and this didn’t hurt my interview process at all. You’re better off waiting a minute to answer than throwing out a random answer that isn’t well thought-out!

Those are most of the tips I have so far! If you’d like a part 2, just let me know! In coming weeks, I’m going to be talking often about jobs and productivity! Let me know if you have any requests. Until then.

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