Prom Dress Picks!

Oh. My. Goodness. Prom is in LESS than two months! I am so darn excited, and I’ve been looking at so many dresses online. Has anyone else fell into the Pinterest trap when it comes to prom? I thought that I’d share a few of my faves, and then I’ll reveal what I actually ended up wearing when April rolls around.

(from left to right) most of these are from sketchy-ish websites (as most Pinterest finds are) darn! So I am trying to find comparable dresses on reliable sites!

  1. Gold Shimmer Dress– this one is SO beautiful and so sparkly. I think that this one would be so incredibly beautiful under all of the lights at Prom and I’m loving the length and v-neck!
  2. Blue Laced Dress – this dress was definitely the first one that I feel in love with. I love the neck, the lace detailing, and just how flowy and light it looks. If I had to choose one to pull straight off of Pinterest, this would be it. I love the dark blue color as well, I think that color really balances well with my hair.
  3. Yellow Dress – Okay, doesn’t this one just look absolutely amazing? I love the bright color and the neckline. This is definitely a dream dress but I’m not sure if my blonde hair would match well with the yellow.
  4. Blue Diamond Dress – Despite my dislike for intense detailing, I am loving the subtle addition of jewels on the top of this dress! I like how the bottom is more regular and lacks flair as well.
  5. Blue Overlay Skirt – I really was skeptical about this one, I wasn’t sure how much I loved the skirt that was open in the front… until I saw a gal wearing it this weekend at a choir event. It is seriously SO stunning and I love the color combo. I also love that the skirt is detachable and I could use this dress for other events.

I think that I’m going prom dress shopping very soon, so I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on the final pick! I can’t wait for prom!

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