How To ACTUALLY Start Reading Your Bible

If we’re all being honest, we usually say that we read our Bible a lot more often than we actually do. This post is exactly for those girlies that keep breaking that promise to themselves on. the daily.

We all do it! We sit in our small group, glance around the circle, and subtly say, “My goal this year is to read the Bible more!” We don’t often realize that that’s the exact same resolution we’ve made for years and years. This year, I decided that I could turn that around– and trust me, don’t be discouraged because it’s mid-January already, you can get started on this anytime throughout the year.

Today, I’m giving you my top tips for how I love reading my Bible. I’ve ACTUALLY read it for probably 18 out of the 20 days of January so far, which is an insane record for me! You don’t have to read much, even a verse or two is something. This is all about you. If this is something that you want to start forming as a habit, keep following along.

They say that it takes about 40-60 days to form a habit, and I think that I’m definitely getting there. The more I keep myself up just another ten minutes, the less of a burden it becomes, and more of an almost immediate action it becomes. I thought that the most practical thing to do would be to make a list of what helps me read each night, so you can easily follow along with me. Let me know what works for you if you have any other ideas!

  • First of all, STOP making excuses. I promise that you can do it. Cut out the 10 minutes you scroll through Instagram in the morning and replace it with this! You will seriously begin to see a positive change… plus, you and I both know that you scroll through the exact same posts you’ve all seen multiple times per day.
  • Set an Alarm – Seriously, if you do something at the same time every night, you’re guaranteed to make it a part of your routine faster. I promise.
  • Reward Yourself – Okay, eventually, you won’t need a reward, because reading is enough a reward for yourself. For me, personally, I must admit, I love eating chips and salsa while I read and take notes… it’s totally a guilty pleasure but it definitely works for me.
  • Watch Coffee and Bible Time for advice! – These gals are so wise, and they make some really awesome videos and in-depth Bible studies. They even have printables available for you! Check out this video on reasons to read your Bible!
  • Break out those pens! – I don’t know about you, but I LOVE annotating and marking up my bible with markers, sharpies, pens, and washi tape galore. Something about taking notes gets me so much more motivated to keep reading! I’m currently obsessed with the Zebra Mildliners. 11/10 recommend
  • Set a Goal – For me, my goal this year is to read through the entire new testament! Knowing where my end goal is keeps me going on the days when I’m kinda unsure about what I’m working towards.
  • Start a Bible Study with a Friend – Get one of your friends involved! Start a weekly bible study, go grab some coffee together, and talk about what you’ve read! Having a friend to keep you accountable and motivated is often times the best thing you can do.

There you have it! Those are my top tips for reading your bible more often! Seriously, I’ve found that reading daily changes my outlook on things and lowers my stress level like crazy. You haven’t known calm until you’ve read a chapter before bed! Try it out sometime and let me know what you think; you can do this girl!

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