Did I March? Women’s March 2019

I understand that I’m throwing myself to the wolves here. I’m expressing part of my beliefs online, and that can always be nerve-wracking. Please keep your opinions respectful and keep debate to a minimum. I am simply writing a think-piece. I do not see this as a piece of advocacy for either side.

No, I did not march.

Does this mean I didn’t want to? No. I was actually at rehearsal, but I wanted to share my thoughts on this year’s Women’s March.

I am in full support of women’s rights. Would I consider myself a feminist? I can’t be sure. With today’s connotation of the word, it’s almost scary to label yourself as a feminist, for fear that someone will see you as a “hysterical woman.” The dictionary definition of feminist is “someone who advocates for women’s rights and equality between sexes.” Who wouldn’t want the two sexes to be equal? I thoroughly believe that the majority of the country shares this belief, however, somehow we have connected the term “feminist” with a scary, intimidating image.

This is the definition of “feminist” on Urban Dictionary: A person, usually but not necessarily of female gender, indoctrinated to find fault in everything a male does whilst believing all females can do no wrong. Feminists will use any lies, deceit, dubious statistics, manipulation, aggression and threats to eliminate any sense of fairness, justice or decency to men (or boys) irrespective of creed, ethnic background or colour.

Since when did this become the definition of a feminist? I view feminists as I believe they should be viewed. Human beings who want nothing more than human rights. Women have gained crazy amounts of rights over the years, which I definitely support. Should women be superior to men? Absolutely not. All we are asking is to be seen as equal, in the workplace, at home, and out in society. It makes perfect sense.

Nowadays, we are incredibly lucky to see women in leadership positions, such as my role models Savannah Guthrie and Hota Kotb who act as the lead anchors of The Today Show every morning. Why can’t we see feminists as successful women (who they absolutely are) who did the work necessary to get to where they are, rather than screaming, angry women who are being belittled by others, male and female alike?

I know that several will agree with me. I know that several will never see eye-to-eye with my beliefs. I know some will never be able to cleanse their minds of an image of a hostile woman or man yelling about rights. I know that some people will just never see it the way that I see it. And that’s okay. I just hope that one day, the world can, in the words of John Lennon, “be as one.”

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