Em+Invisalign | Halfway There!

The left is without my trays, and the right is after 10 trays (about 19 weeks)

You guys!! I seriously can’t believe it, I’ve finally reached the halfway mark with my Invisalign… and there’s a pretty huge difference. First of all– my dentist promised that braces would be a shorter journey for me… my Invisalign have been on for 5 months and are coming off in 4! My braces would’ve taken about a year and a half. I’m so glad I went with the Invisalign option.

My teeth have gotten noticeably straighter, but there hasn’t been much pain at all. I now switch my trays every weeks instead of every two weeks, which makes the process go by much faster, and the trays less gross (ew). I’ve gotten better about remembering to bring my Invisalign bag wherever I go, and I’m no longer forgetting bits and pieces whenever I travel (the amount of tiny toothpaste bottles I’ve gone through!!)

I can tell that my teeth have gotten closer together and the few that were super problematic are now starting to straighten out. It’s not too painful, like I said earlier, but my mouth is always sore at the beginning of the week, no fail. I have 24 trays total, and currently, I’m wearing #11. There has been one recurring issue, and it’s that I keep accidentally swallowing attachments (small, plastic Invisalign brackets) when they fall off my teeth. It’s not really a big deal to swallow them, just inconvenient because they have to reglue all of them at the orthodontist’s office. That is NOT my favorite experience.

I’ve had so many people ask me so many questions about Invisalign, so feel free to drop yours below if you have any, and I’ll include them in the 75% done update! I’ll be there in mid-February, since my teeth are moving faster and faster and I’m switching about 4 trays per month instead of 2. Until next time!

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