Goodbye, 2018: July-Dec

Welcome back to my recap of 2018! If you didn’t see the first half of my year, you can check it out here. I am so excited to share my second half of my year with you, it was full of just as many surprises as the first half. I won’t bore you with the regular stuff, let’s get going with July.

Oh, friends. July was the month of a lifetime. I left a day after getting back from California for church camp and went straight up to Prescott to go to Sky-Y. I had been to Sky-Y as a camper once before, but this time, I was going up to be trained as a CIT (counselor-in-training), which I had been looking forward to ever since I left camp the year before. I had no clue what I was in for. My first week of training, we drove out in a YMCA bus to Payson and camped for a week. And I mean, camped. Tents, cooking our own food, an outhouse, the whole shabang. It was my first time going actually camping (besides that time when I was probably 10 and we forgot the tent poles, yikes, we

have never gone camping as a family again), and it was terrifying and crazy fun at the same time. Staying up late playing ERS and making cord bracelets with my friends will always be one of my favorite memories. I came back to camp the next week to shadow a full-time counselor and I was put in a cabin with 17 7-year-olds. That was probably the hardest thing of my life. It was exhausting (mentally and physically and emotionally!!), exhilarating, and flat out difficult. I was incredibly lucky to be asked to stay for another week as a real counselor for a cabin of 12-year-old girls who were absolutely spectacular and really cool. I had the time of my life at Sky-Y this summer and I can’t wait to go back as full-time staff next summer, but first, I get to go up and be a cabin counselor for New Years! I’ve never been to winter camp so it should be super exciting to experience camp in the snow for the first time. Being in Arizona, I don’t get to see snow a lot, so combining my favorite place with something I haven’t really experienced much before should be super different and super exciting.

Nothing much happened in August, folks. I found my new favorite restaurant of all time: Snooze (yes, I’m a total breakfast fanatic. Find me a good breakfast place and I’ll never leave). Other than that, I started my junior year with a full schedule and one extra class. Two choirs, three AP classes, a third year language, and an online class. Try that… just kidding… really don’t try that if you don’t have to.

Cue September: the busiest and best month of my year. September was full of surprises. I was asked my an amazing family friend, Lara, to work at the Emmy Awards, which I was so excited about. Since I want to go into television (news), and that’s what the Emmys is all about, I was over the moon excited to be able to see it all happening behind the scenes. I also submitted my work to the Student Emmy Awards and was totally shocked to find out that I had won! That picture is me holding my student Emmy, still in utter disbelief that it actually happened to me.

I had worked so hard to create a beautiful video about a charity in Phoenix and ended up submitting the video last minute. I had no idea that it would win, especially after watching some of the other entires. I can’t wait to submit again this year… I’m hoping to submit in the documentary category and the News Anchor Talent category for my highlight reel of my anchor work! Actually working the Emmys was great; I got to sit backstage and help produce and stage manage, which was something I had never done before. I had stage managed plenty of choir concerts and theatre productions, but never a televised event! I also got to meet some kids from Cronkite and ask about their experience in Journalism school, which was a nice look into my potential future. The last week of September was homecoming week, and it was Greatest Showman Themed! My choir got to perform in the assembly, which was definitely an exciting thing that we had been looking forward to doing for years.

October started off with a bang! My school’s Student Government (StuGo) invited me to come on their annual leadership trip to Disneyland, which was absolutely spectacular. It was so fun getting to meet all sorts of new people and bond with some of the StuGo kids who I had gotten to know. The advisor jokes that I’m the “honorary StuGo member” because several teachers and students always ask if I’m in StuGo since I’m at so many of their events. I absolutely love everyone in StuGo at my school; they’re super nice, they put so much energy and love into their events, and they’ve really stepped up the game with all of the great spirit days and decorations this year. Sometimes, I wish I was one of them (maybe in the future???), but for now, I love being their “honorary member” (haha). Disneyland was so cute, it was all decorated for Halloween and we got to attend an awesome leadership seminar where they took us around the park and taught us all about the Disney company and how it symbolizes leadership. It was definitely the most fun leadership seminar I had ever been to.

November was filled with veteran’s events, especially since I’m the president of a local veteran’s organization. It was incredible to be able to speak at my town’s ceremony (which is well-renowned because our memorial has been mentioned at the national level and is very popular during the season). It was such an amazing honor to do so and I got to meet so many other amazing veterans in the process. The rest of the month was pretty average, not much happened besides the usual studying and working!

For December, I do not have photos yet! It’s been a pretty hard month and a lot has happened, but I might get into that more later. One thing that I’m really looking forward to is Winter Camp! I’ve never been to winter camp at the camp I work at, but I am SO excited to go up at the end of December and have my own cabin. That’s also what my first day of 2019 will be, a day at camp (hopefully in the snow)!

Thank you so much for reading through my 2018, it was so fun to share and I can’t wait for an even more amazing 2019. Until then!

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