The ONE AND ONLY Christmas Gift You’ll Give This Year

Have you ever had a secret santa, friend, or just someone that you have no idea what kind of gift to get them? Don’t worry, I’ve figured out the one foolproof gift for just about anyone. I promise you, you can’t go wrong with this one. All you need is a visit to Target, and about $25. Amazing, right?? (To everyone that has gotten this kind of gift from me: I am now exposing my ways… don’t worry… everyone’s is different!)

PRO TIP: If you want to make your gift basket super cute, try and stick with a color theme! I’ve found that yellow and red products are usually easier ones to find! For the sake of this post, I’m going to put together a Christmas-themed/red basket!

  1. Something to Hold it In: I personally love cute buckets or drink holders that I use to pull together this gift! It gives it the feel of a big gift set that you put together! I really really wish I could find one I’ve used in the past, I found it in the Target dollar section!
  2. A Gift Card, Movie Tickets, or Card of Some Sort! – You can’t go wrong with Harkins tickets, a Starbucks giftcard, or a card to any great restaurant! Some of my favorite giftcards to give are Starbucks, Panera, Chick Fil A, Amazon, or a Visa.
  3. A Beauty Item- This is one of my favorites to pick out. You probably know the person pretty well, so think of them! Do they love nail polish? How about lotion? Aromatherapy (essential oils)? How about some face masks? These are so fun to pick out and include, so try and find something unique!
  4. Something They Can Wear – I usually add this one in for the gals. Scrunchies, hair bows, bracelets, rings, and more are great ideas! 
  5. A Food Item – I love including a drink and some snacks! Some of my favorites are Herbert’s lemonade, Boom Chicka Pop popcorn, and candy! Especially around the Christmas season, the Boom Chicka Pop peppermint popcorn is spectacular. I ate a whole bag in one day. Whoops.
  6. A Unique Item for your Pal! – This is where the best part comes in. For some friends, I’ve bought books, movies, board games, and more! Just think about your friend and what they’d like for this one!
  7. A Cute Card – Usually for the card, I handwrite one. Try your best to make it personal and write about some good memories! I know that often, my favorite part of getting a gift is the card, especially when someone spends time on it!

That’s about it for your foolproof Christmas gift! Try and get creative with each piece of it, that’s what makes it different for every person. In effect, this is basically a huge gift outline that helps you figure something out for just about everyone! Make it your own, it’ll be amazing!! Until next time!

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