How to Survive Finals Week

Oh boy… even just reading the title of this post gets me. I am NOT the biggest fan of finals week, and being in high school, “finals week” probably means “3 weeks of random, lengthy tests”. I’ve already finished a few of my finals by the time this posts!

Finals can be stressful, time consuming, and flat out exhausting. I get it. That’s why I’m sharing my tips today on how you can survive finals week.

Know When To Take Breaks

This is SUCH a big one. For me, studying is probably the worst part of finals week. I’ve always despised studying, it’s exhausting and flat out boring, but necessary to performing well on your finals. Let me tell you though, if you figure out your rhythm, studying will be so much easier for you. Something that works for me is studying for 45 minutes and relaxing for 15. During that 45 minutes, my phone is out of the room, it’s just me and my books. For the other 15, I can go through Instagram, eat a few snacks, or catch up on a few text messages. If you find the time and rhythm that works for you, you’ll be golden.

Don’t Study the Night Before

This may seem counterproductive, but studying the night before often makes it worse. Instead, try studying three days prior to your final (or earlier!). That way, the night before, you can go to bed early knowing that you’re already solid on the material.


Getting up and getting some exercise (Zumba, anyone??) will definitely improve your way of thinking. Getting off the couch will help you reenergize your body and your mind. Sitting in the same spot studying for  hours doesn’t do any good. Seriously, try it. Next time you zone out, stand up and dance around for a minute! You’ll feel an instant difference.

Hang Out with Friends!

Take a night off to go grab some dinner with friends. Take a break together and refresh before you settle down to work for the week. Give yourself credit for making it this far into the semester and reward yourself for a night. Getting in that positive mindset right before the test will definitely help!

Make Use of Online Tools

As always, Quizlet and Khan Academy are lifesavers. Khan Academy has little practice tests on just about everything (the best!!) and Quizlet can help you quickly review, especially with all of the new study tools that have recently been added to it. Try these two tools out and you’ll experience instant peace-of-mind. After studying with these, there’s no doubt that you’ll know everything on that final.

Stick to What You Don’t Know

Last tip, don’t focus on things you absolutely know! That’d be wasting tons of time. Simply stick to what you don’t know and study that and that’ll close all the gaps in your understanding!

That being said, you’ve got this! Remember that when you finish finals you’ll get that beautiful reward of winter break! Seriously, get studying, buckle down, and get those A’s! You’ve got this!

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