Four Fall Faves

I can definitely say that fall is my favorite season of the year. Here in Arizona, we don’t really have seasons, but I like to pretend that we do. I really wish it did get cooler and our trees could lose some leaves, but hey! What else can I ask for other than temperatures a few degrees cooler?

Today I thought I’d share with you some of my fall favorites; I’ve had my eye on quite a few of these things over the last couple of months, and I definitely think they’d be some fun things to invest in for fall. Be sure to let me know what you’re loving this fall!

1.”In the Honey” mask from Bliss

I’ve found that I’m a HUGE fan of face masks during the fall season, especially since my skin gets ridiculously dry. I love to have little self-care days and finally get to lay back and relax. I’m not sure if it’s the cute yellow color (that I’m obsessed with currently) or the sweet smell of honey that attracts me to this mask, but I can’t even explain how often I look at this. I can’t wait to buy this once we get into holiday shopping season!


2.Dresses from Old Navy

These dresses are so darn comfy, soft, and warm! Especially for those of us that live in super warm states, these dresses are the perfect compromise for fall with their long sleeves to keep you warm and short skirts to keep cool! They’re always super cheap and on sale too, and don’t forget that they come in multiple colors. You’ll definitely want to pick some of these up before the season is over.

3.Kendra Scott Necklaces

I’ve been obsessed with these necklaces ever since I’ve seen just about every girl wearing them in school. I have to admit, I’m super close to jumping on the bandwagon. They’re so beautiful, classy, and easily go with whatever you’re planning to wear! Fun fact- I never ever used to wear jewelery, but this year I’ve become a huge fan.

4.Bliss “Eye Got This” Undereye Mask

Wowie. Bliss just sent me this super cute eyemask and I am so darn excited to try them! These are cruelty-free eye masks with the cutest little stars to go along with their new holographic collection. I am absolutely obsessed, they do wonders for hiding those undereye circles.

I hope you all enjoyed my fall faves! Happy fall shopping, especially Black Friday! Are you headed out anywhere?

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