“Fall”-ing in Love with Disney

This weekend I had the amazing opportunity to go to Disneyland with my school’s Student Government for a leadership conference! It was absolutely amazing and I had an amazing time meeting TONS of new people, learning a lot, and of course, riding tons of fun rides. The first weekend of October proved to be one of the best ever, and especially being fall, Disney was super super cute and all decked out for the season.

Check out the new Slinky ears!

Quite a few things in Disney were pretty recently renovated, so I wanted to point out a few favorites in my post today!

Pixar Pier!

The new Pixar Pier is absolutely adorable. It’s filled with great snacks (spicy churros and rainbow slushes, anyone?), renovated rides, and TONS of color. It’s very cute and there’s even a new Pixar Parade that makes its way through the park! My personal favorite ride is and always will be Midway Mania, but the new Incredicoaster (changed from California Screamin’) was amazing. It feels faster, longer, and is so much fun. I heard that it’s even better at night!


Guardians of the Galaxy!

Don’t miss the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride! I really do miss Tower of Terror, and I must admit, the atmosphere of that ride was better in my opinion, but it’s probably because I’m not quite a superhero person. The ride feels like it has more drops, and after 6pm, it transforms into a Halloween version!

Cars Land

Cars Land has to have the best Halloween decorations, not to mention one of my favorite rides. I will forever love Radiator Springs Racers and the speed of the single rider line! A few friends and I cut the hour and a half wait into a fifteen minute wait. The cars are all wearing Halloween costumes and it’s beyond cute. I really like all of the different food options in Cars Land, and how easily accessible it is, even though it’s probably the busiest part of the park at all hours.


Fall Foods

Disneyland is FULL of items only available during the holiday season. Halloween season is full of spooky rice krispy treats, pumpkin spice churros, cute pastries, cookies, and great drinks. I wish I had another $100 to spend on food on Disney. One thing- if you’re considering snacking at the park, make sure you have plenty of money to spare. I don’t think I realized until this year how expensive Disney food really is!

Picture Opportunities!

Spooky Disney is full of amazing photo opportunities. My personal favorite is at the compass, the centerpoint between the two parks. I love the new California Adventure sign with Oogie Boogie on it! It’s all lit up and makes the perfect background for your end-of-the-day park photos! At night, it’s a super amazing spot… it’s almost hard to find space to take all of your photos!



What Would I Recommend?

  • Churros. All day every day.
  • Taking photos at the compass!
  • Grizzly River Run during the warmer afternoon
  • Mac N Cheese Bread Bowls
  • Midway Mania!

Until next time,


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  1. Hey! Loved this blog!❤️ The photos were sooo cute and I also REALLY recommend churros at Disney World! They’re my actual favourite!😻 I’m a small blogger too and I’d love to friends! My instagram is @Cialoux

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