Emma + Invisalign | Week Three

Hey y’all! Recently, I’ve had to add something into my routine which I (surprisingly!) hadn’t taken the time to blog about yet! Mid-July, I decided that I was finally ready to make the jump and straighten my teeth. I had put it off for so long due to surgeries on my mouth and decided that I wanted to get it done before I left high school.

Once I went to my orthodontist, I was given the option to either get regular braces or Invisalign (both ended up being the same price with our insurance). There were definitely pros and cons to both, but for me, the most important thing was that I was straightening the way I wanted to. I didn’t want the visible braces going into my junior year, especially with prom, senior pictures, and graduation just around the corner. I know when I decided on Invisalign I looked for blog posts about people’s experience and there weren’t many at all! So- I present to you, my declassified guide to Invisalign.

This is me with my Invisalign in! You can barely see them, seriously! I didn’t edit anything about my teeth in this picture.

Are They Really Invisible?

Yes and no. If you were to look closely, you’d be able to tell that there is something shiny covering my teeth. Plus, I have 19 attachments, which are like tooth-colored stickers… luckily mine aren’t on my front teeth so they aren’t quite as noticeable. They’re pretty invisible when they’re new, not so much towards the end of the two weeks when they start to get a bit gross.

Do They Hurt?

Not really, surprisingly! I guess I’ve gotten lucky with this, as many people say they hurt like crazy. It just feels like pressure almost 24/7, especially with a new tray, but by the end of the two weeks you can barely feel them.

How Long Do I Have to Wear Them?

I have 24 trays! That means at the most, they’ll be on for 11 months, but I could potentially bump that down to 8-9 months.

Pet Peeves?

Definitely having to take them out and brush my teeth at school. That is by far the grossest thing I have to do throughout the day. I also hate constantly wanting to eat but having to wait until you’re somewhere where you can take out your trays!

What’s In Your Invisalign Bag?

Okay this has to be one of the WORST things ever!! I have to always carry my case for my trays, a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and water to clean them out.

So what’s next for me? Tray 3/24 on October 11th! I’ll be sure to keep you all updated about my progress, I am really hoping it turns out for the best! Until next time, Emma.

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