DIY Photo & Goals Wall, + My Junior Year Goals

This week, I decided to revamp a few things in my room. When I was in middle school, I had a photo wall full of tiny Polaroid photos. As you can imagine, those photos are very, very old and I’ve wanted to replace them forEVER. I decided to start a new photo wall, and use the old base to display some of my goals for Junior Year. In this post, I’ll be sharing with you how I made the photo wall and some of my goals so far for Junior Year. Scroll all the way down for my goals for this year!

Photo Wall

This photo wall is very, very easy to make. All you need is to print out several 4×6 photos (I always use CVS Pharmacy, it is extremely cheap!), I think I currently have around 80 on my wall. You are also going to need some kind of blue-tac, which is a sticky putty that easily holds things up; seriously, I use this stuff all over my room to hang up posters, photos, and cards.

From there, all you need to do is pick a space and get to work! You can choose to actually use a ruler and make your measurements precise, or you don’t need them at all. I didn’t use a ruler to put mine together and it looks pretty even if I say so myself!

To make sure all of your photos line up (before I fixed my photo wall, it was a hot mess of randomly placed photos), with photos sized as 4×6, there is a fairly easy way to do this. TWO vertical photos can be paired with THREE horizontal photos. They’ll all fit in a perfect little rectangle.

That’s just about it! It’s super sentimental and one of my favorite things to show to people when they come into my room!

Goals Wall

I’ve always been obsessed with making lists, crossing things off, and making sure I complete everything I say I’m going to. I’ve done this for the past few years in all sorts of ways, but I wanted a way to see it visually. I decided to revamp this photo hanger off of Amazon that I had previously used in middle school. It actually only costs $20 and qualifies for prime shipping!

This photo hanger is extremely easy to hang, and comes with tons of tiny clips! I used to use it for polaroid-sized photos, but small pieces of paper fit as well.

I started by cutting out small rectangles of card stock in all different colors that I found around the house. After that, it was a fairly simple process of writing out my goals on small pieces and pinning them to the strings. Since all of my goals related to my Junior Year, I thought it would be fun to write out “junior goals” above the photo frame. I just used a sharpie to hand letter these and it actually turned out quite well!

Be sure to take a look at all of my goals down below, and let me know what yours are! I’d love to hear them and maybe add a few to my board!

My Junior Year Goals (so far!)

  1. Play piano for a church service. This sounds like an odd one, but I’ve been incredibly nervous to play piano for church for a LONG time. I sing for the band, but I’ve yet to contribute my instrumental music.
  2. Go on a Mission Trip. Each year, my church takes a trip to Mexico to build houses. I think this year, I should really strive to take a leap of faith and go serve!
  3. Get a 5 on an AP Test. This is a crazy one, but I think if I study hard enough, I’ll be able to obtain a 5 on at least one of my three AP tests!
  4. Start a Club. I’m on a journey currently to add a chapter of Girl Up to my school! I’ll let you know how this goes as I get further into the year.

Thank you for reading all about my room project and my goals for the year! Let me know how these projects go for you down below, as well as any goals you have for the year!

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