5 Cons of Dyeing Your Hair a “Fantasy Shade”

Throughout 2017, a gorgeous, somewhat mystical, and otherwise frustrating beauty trend was definitely a frontrunner for the year. I quickly fell in love with the idea of dyeing my hair a “fantasy shade”.

I was heavily inspired by hair dye companies like Splat, Lime Crimeand Manic Panic. My mom had always despised the idea of altering my natural blonde hair, so from the temporary shades of lavender to exhilarating shades of neon blue, I fell completely in love with the freeing, slightly rebellious, “I’m an independent girl” look. I obsessed over various colors for around five months, constantly “pinning” different pictures of girls and screenshotting their selfies to ask my friends their opinions. I fantasized about a perfect, pastel shade that would last throughout the summer- including the several weeks of “roughing it” at summer camp. That being said, when I finally told my mom that I was investing in dyeing my hair a pastel pink, I had no idea some of the disappointments that would come with it.


  1. Prepare for cold showers

If you’re anything like me, you’re in LOVE with scalding, hot showers. Wanting the pretty, unicorn-eque shades? Wave goodbye to the fifteen-minute showers, and say hello to five minutes of Antarctica. The hot water just aids the hair in it’s fading process, seeming to suck the color right out of your hair.

  1.   Fast Fading is real- unless you’re willing to bleach or never wash your hair

I was really hoping that my pink hair would stay in for at least a month- after all, I was a naturally light blonde, how bad could the fade be? My pink was gone after nearly two weeks, before I even made it to camp!- I only washed it three times!

  1.   It’s surprisingly expensive

Spending money on hair products is definitely more expensive than I ever expected. I didn’t even consider the heat protectants, shampoo with all-natural products, and the price of the actual dye itself. These specific types of hair color take time to perfect- get ready to pull out your wallet! Luckily, I have an amazing stylist who is willing to work with budgets! If you’re really concerned about spending under $100-125, you need to alert your stylist before she starts.

  1.   You’ll have to adjust your wardrobe to your new hair color

When I first posted the picture of my new hair, I was wearing a red shirt to the salon… I had comments asking if I had really dyed my hair or if it was just a reflection off of my shirt. Needless to say, I quickly figured out that I would not be wearing red for a few months. I soon adopted an all-black wardrobe because it made the pink in my hair pop drastically- after all, I didn’t dye my hair pink for it to never be noticed!

  1.   You’ll never stop talking about your hair

I’ll never be able to apologize enough to my friends about how much I talked about my latest obsession, and even more as I began to mourn the loss of the color throughout the summer. It’s safe to say I was enveloped in a hair-daze this summer.


Even though I was slightly disappointed at the results of how long my hair lasted (and how few selfies I took with it!), it was definitely my favorite color that I’ve taken on. Even though fantasy shades seem to be a effortless, beautiful color seen on many girls, they require much more upkeep than most people can see on the outside. If you’re in search of a ethereal, fairytale hairstyle, these fun colors are definitely a great, short-term option. Now, I refer to my pink hair as my “summer fling”- short, sweet, and insanely fun.






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