Dear Sky-Y, the Happiest Place on Earth

It’s winter-time, and that means for those of us that couldn’t make it to winter camp, the camp withdrawals are real.

Dear Sky-Y,

Everyone seems to have one place in their life that they can let everything go and be themselves. I thought I had already found mine until this past summer, I randomly decided to sign up for summer camp in Prescott, AZ. I’ve been going to camp by myself since about age seven and I’ve loved every minute of it. Camp is definitely the center of all of my favorite childhood memories. Now, it had been over 3 years since I had gone to a camp that wasn’t church oriented, and I have to admit, I missed the laid-back, traditional camp experience. When I was younger, I’d go without any friends so I could get to know completely new people. For the past few years of camp, I had only gone to camps with my friends I already knew.  So, I jumped in and decided to go to a camp I had never been to before, with no one I had never met before.

You are a place of love. I don’t think there’s any other way to put it. It’s a place of healed friendships, new starts, and trying insanely new things. I can’t believe I only spent a week at Sky-Y, because I easily could spend an entire summer there.

From playing 9-square and Nuke ‘Em for hours, to early morning hot-cocoa runs, pranking our brother cabin, hiking up to Roadside, the all-camp dance, traditions of Pinecone and Horseshoe, nothing can beat that technology-free week. Even though some days poured rain and thunder shook our cabins, my new friends and I galloped around camp, at one point even taking a trip to the zoo off-site. I met so many amazing people that I still talk to after camp- I even strengthened old friendships with those I hadn’t seen in years, but reunited with at camp.

On Pinecone night, my cabin cried together as we remembered all of our inside jokes from the week (yuh yuh, dang dang gang gang, do you even spin, and more). When all of the girls had returned from the main hall, we all laughed late into the night, exchanging phone numbers and social media. We all wished that we would see each other again the next summer. I loved the girls of Cabin 13.

Even though many people talk about how Disneyland is “the Happiest Place on Earth”, I don’ think I’ve met a group of people happier and more loving than everyone at Sky-Y. I can’t thank you enough for one of the best weeks of my summer. I’m also more than excited to go back this summer as a Counselor in Training.

Until then, I will ” look up, and laugh, and love, and lift”.







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