How to Survive 9am with 40 Girls

How do I start- a choir made up of 40ish girls that meets every morning at 9am with ages 15-18 probably sounds chaotic. Let me tell you, it completely is. It’s also been something that has completely changed my life for the better. There’s never been anything else I’ve been involved in that has both pushed me to my furthest edge but continuously pulled me in at the exact same time.

I walked into a women’s varsity show choir (as one of only four freshmen) named “Heart & Soul” completely expecting something that I did NOT end up with. I expected a tight-knit group of “girly girls” who all loved to sing and would get along from the beginning. I was quickly hit by the reality of high school when I found that in order for all of us to be friends, get along, work as a group, and put on spectacular performances (which we later did) we would all have to bond and work together.

Although we only had one “onesie” party at our president’s house, somehow, we all became closer than ever. I’d never had such a huge group that I could depend on. I really treated these girls like my sisters- yes, there would be days when we’d all fight, but there were also days I’d walk into the room and let out a huge sigh of relief when I realized I was in a room full of people I knew by name and had so much respect for.

When I boarded the plane to New York, I was dependent on maybe 5 to 10 girls in my choir to stand up for me and to be my friend on the trip. I bonded with girls I never knew over countless hours of walking, bus rides, shows, and rehearsals. I didn’t regret a single moment of the trip and didn’t feel a single drop of negative energy the entire time that I was there. That’s rare for high school. On every corner of every hallway, there is always some sort of drama happening- I didn’t have a single minute of that experience during my time in New York, and that’s when I knew my bond with my choir girls was special.

This year, I was lucky enough to be a member of such an amazing choir at such a young age. Next year, I’m even more excited to continue the legacy of such an amazing program as a member of the Executive Council, overseeing all 6 choirs. I’m also in our school’s top show choir, which will be competing next Spring. I never expected to fall this much in love with choir, but it’s something I want to continue, and maybe help add to when I’m older and living a regular adult life. I can’t thank my girls enough, I miss them already, and I look forward to my first day in room 132 again next year.

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