Homecoming Week was SWEET

As quickly as the month flew by, I completely forgot to post about one of the best things that happened this October… Homecoming Week. As a freshman, I wasn’t completely into the whole idea of Homecoming, but I have to admit, sophomore year completely turned that around for me. I was nominated for Homecoming royalty this year with one of my best guy friends/choir friends, Tag. I went into the week not even expecting the amount of fun I had… so without further ado, here’s a bit of a recap of some highlights of Homecoming!

One of the scariest and most fun traditions of homecoming week was definitely wearing my crown around school. I admit, it was terrifying the first day or so when I feared that I was drawing way too much attention to myself (who walks around school wearing a painted Burger King crown?) but in the end, it was one of my favorite parts, mainly due to the fact that Tag made our crowns and they were absolutely adorable.

My favorite part of Homecoming is absolutely spirit week, hands down. A full week of dressing out-of-the-box and not being judged for it? Sign me up. Keep in mind the “Candyland” theme- each day was named after a candy that correlated to a theme.

My personal favorite day was “Jolly Rancher/Western Day”; Tag and I were able to match and it was fun to finally wear my favorite pair of summer camp overalls to school (trust me, I’ve been looking for an excuse to wear these forever).

Another highlight was our end of the week assembly, which is always my favorite end to spirit weeks, especially because of performances by several groups at our school, like choir, dance, cheer, etc. Since we were nominated for royalty, we got to participate in games and walk across the gym floor (we attempted to do the parent trap handshake, ended up with something different, and I messed it up, sorry Tag).

Even though we didn’t end up winning, I went to the dance the next night will all of my friends (let me tell you, that was a true win). I can’t even begin to explain how much fun it was. I guess Homecoming really evolved into one of my favorite high school traditions and I’m already beyond excited for my junior year.




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