A Week in My Summer: CIY MOVE Camp

This summer, I chose to travel to California with my church and a group of 2000 high school students to Biola University- you heard me, two thousand. Never in my life did I think I could return with a passion for worship and kids ministry, a newfound love for what God has done for me, and an entirely new outlook on life. It’s easy to say that CIY MOVE changed my life for the better, and I’m already counting down the days to go back. I could tell you about CIY for ages, but I figured that it might be better to show you.

I filmed this using my iPhone 6 and edited using iMovie. The song is called “Because of Your Love” by CCV Music

Through many nights of scream-singing, weaving my way through crowds, playing 4-way dodgeball, standing on chairs in the dining hall to belt Party in the U.S.A, making last-minute Starbucks runs, changing in and out of spirit day outfits, and playing “spoons” in the dorms, I formed a close bond with several girls and guys who I was lucky enough to spend my week with.

I already can’t wait until the next best week of my life, CIY 2018.

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